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Watermelon or Citrullus lanatus is a fruit that originated from southern Africa. The varieties that are consumed today can reach a weight of several pounds.

The watermelon fruit has a smooth exterior rind (green, yellow and sometimes white) and a juicy, sweet interior flesh which contains large amounts of water.

Watermelon contains 90% water by weight, therefore the effective growing watermelons requires lots of water. Most watermelon crops are drip-irrigated. This method is very effective for plants which grow under a plastic wrap.

Black polyethylene mulch can provide benefits in watermelon production, such as reducing the costs for the control of early-season weed species, it adds to the field crop development and establishment, it can also increase the nematicidal activity, minimizes the infiltration of soluble elements during heavy rains and it provides a more uniform soil moisture between irrigations.

Watermelons can be grown by both transplanting and direct seeding. Planting is usually done by hand in raised beds when the soil is moist.

Watermelons in Greece are ripe during the summer season and are one of summer's most refreshing fruits, which can be eaten in slices or in fruit salads.


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