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The first and most important step for successful potato growing is the potato seed. Farmers use pieces of potato or whole potato tuber, which is part of the potato plant, as a seed.

The best results are only achieved when the seed comes from plants from high-yield crops. This is because the potato that we grow will have the characteristics of the seed potato. When the potato comes from a tasty and productive variety the harvest will be just as good.

Due to the importance of the seed origin and quality, we produce and pick the seed ourselves from our crop fields.

The potato that will be used as a seed looks good, isn’t soft and has no holes. It also has no brown or black spots or patches on skin, neither in the flesh. It is smooth-skinned, not injured, without holes from pests and ripe and it is mature.

Potato is one of the most nutritious underground root crops, since potato starch contains potassium (twice the amount a banana contains) and is rich in carbohydrates, organic acids and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C.



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