The first and most important condition for the success of potato cultivation is the selection of suitable potatoes for sowing. As the seed of the potato for agricultural cultivation, the tubers are used in practice, i.e. the potato, which is a part of the trunk.

The greatest harvest is achieved only when the seed comes from the potato plants, which had the highest yield. Because the potato that we will cultivate will retain the advantages that the mother potato has. When the potato is of delicious and productive variety, the crop will be just as good.

Due to the great importance of the origin and the quality of the seed, we produce and select the seed ourselves from our fields.

The potato that will be used for sowing is healthy, tight, not soft and has no internal gaps (hollows). It does not show black or dark spots on its skin or flesh. It is not beaten, caught or pierced by insects and worms and is ripe.

Potato is one of the most nutritious roots, as it contains starch and potassium (in fact twice the amount of banana), while it is rich in carbohydrates, organic acids and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C.